Impact Entrepeneur

Audio Book - Impact Entrepreneur 

$25.00 Audio-Book - It is important to understand that in order to establish ourselves in a business culture that manifests the Kingdom of GOD, it is to position ourselves from an Eternal Nature, for which each note written in this book, which has been guided by the Holy Spirit; understood as a design, which attached to a Spiritual mantle from before the Foundation of the World and granted to my DNA, I wish to share it with entrepreneurs. The objective is that each reader can understand where it needs to be established, so that the organization can be immersed in a Culture that benefits the Purpose of the Father on this earth, since what you do will impact the environment in which you move. You will not regret. 

Por tu compra no solo Invertirás en incremento de Cristo sino ayudarás también a la Fundación de Familia MCF COMPASSION.
Valor TOTAL $25.00